My name is Johan Trollet Schalander.

I live in Handen south of Stockholm with my fiancee Carola, our daughter, Theresa, age 6, and Magnus, who is the dog in the house.
I also have four children (20 - 24 years) previously, Ellinor, Anna, Michael and Peter. They live with us part time.

I work as an electrician and plumber.

My two main interests are (besides my family): Troll and large motorcycles.
My favorite of troll artist Rolf Lidberg.

We have three Honda Gold Wing 1500 SE -98.
A fully dressed with sidecar with a pocket bike as a "lifeboat" and a caravan. Everything motifs painted with a bunch of troll's.
The second is a trike. To that we have a custom built (by Risto) trailer, they are also painted with troll's.
Then there is also a solo bike that has, so far, not got any troll's

Rolf Lidberg
my favorite artist


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